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Unlock HTC Imagio XV6975

Unlock HTC Imagio XV6975


Unlock Delivery Time

Price and delivery time may change with selection of current carrier

Dial *#06# or Options, Status, IMEI
Should be a 15-digit number

Unlock HTC unlock instructions

Most HTC Models

1. Turn on HTC phone with a non-accepted SIM card (any Sim not from the Original Carrier of the Phone)
2. Phone will prompt you for unlock code
3. Enter 8 digit unlock code
4. Your phone is unlocked!

 How to Unlock Telus, Verizon and other CDMA HTC phones

1. Switch to GSM mode
2. Go to Personal
3. Go to Security
4. Phone will display "Please enter the SIM unlock code to disable the SIM lock"
5. Enter unlock code.
6. Reboot and your HTC phone is unlocked

100% Guaranteed to Unlock your HTC Phone's Network