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Unlock iPhone 3G

Unlock iPhone 3G

This is how you can Unlock your iPhone 3G from any GSM networks from United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil.

Simply connect your iPhone 3G to iTunes after we have processed your order and this will unlock your cell phone to be used with any GSM network

Once you place your order for your iPhone 3G Unlock, we will have your IMEI Number processed and email you as soon as it is completed. Once unlocked, your iPhone 3G will be factory unlocked for another GSM Network.

100% Guaranteed!


ESTIMATED Delivery Time

Price and delivery time may change with selection of current carrier

Dial *#06# or Options, Status, IMEI
Should be a 15-digit number

Unlock iPhone unlock instructions

Once you have received the "unlocked" message, please follow the following instructions carefully.

    1. Install last version of iTunes


    1. Make sure phone is updated to the latest official version from iTunes


    1. Connect phone to iTunes with not accepted (not valid) SIM card


    1. Wait until iTunes detects phone


    1. Now disconnect phone and reconnect after 10 seconds


    1. Phone is Unlocked


    1. Insert a non accepted SIM card


    1. Connect phone to iTunes


    1. Perform a back-up (if necessary) then restore


    1. iTunes will display "Your Phone is Unlocked"