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Unlock Nokia Lumia 920

Unlock Nokia Lumia 920

This is how you can Unlock your Nokia Lumia 920 cell phone from any GSM networks such as Rogers.

When receiving the message to enter the code, simply enter the Unlock Code we email to you and this will unlock your Nokia Lumia 920 to be used with any GSM network

Once you place your order for your Nokia Lumia 920 Unlock Code, we will email you the Unlock Code once it has finished processing. Once unlocked, your Nokia Lumia 920 will be permanently unlocked for another GSM Network.

100% Guaranteed!


ESTIMATED Delivery Time

Price and delivery time may change with selection of current carrier

Dial *#06# or Options, Status, IMEI
Should be a 15-digit number

Unlock Nokia unlock instructions

For all ROGERS, FIDO and ChatR devices use +7 at the end first if code error then try +1

For all TELUS, BELL and KOODO devices use +5 at the end first, if code error then try +1

For all T-MOBILE USA devices use +1 at the end.

For all UK Networks use +1 and +7 at the end

How to Enter Unlock Codes on Nokia phones

*** please read instructions carefully before starting! ***

                    1. Switch ON your phone without SIM Card
                    1. Compose #pw+yourcode+1#  ("yourcode" is meant to be the actual unlock code we gave you)

  ie. if your code is 000000000000000 then enter exactly: 



The below only applies if your Keyboard is not a full QWERTY Keyboard

The letter P appears after you quickly press 3 times the button star ( * )
The letter W appears after you quickly press 4 times the button star ( * )
The letter + appears after you quickly press 2 times the button star ( * )

The phone shows "SIM Restriction Off" and is unlocked!


How to Enter Unlock Code on Nokia C3 

1. Turn on the phone with a non-accepted SIM card
2. Phone will display SIM is restricted
3. Press OK to be able to enter the unlock code
4. Type: #pw+CODE+1# and press OK (Rogers / Fido use #pw+CODE+7#)
5. Phone is unlocked!

**NOTE replace CODE with the unlock code we send you


This means your phone is hardlocked and you will have to use the following software:

You will require the following:

                        • A USB Cable for your Nokia phone.

                        • The correct USB Cable Drivers. Installing the 'Nokia PC Suite' software that you can obtain from the Nokia website will install the appropriate USB Cable Drivers.  You can find it HERE

                        • A small software application that you can download from HERE.
                        • The unlock code sent to you by us,

Once you have all of these, follow the directions below:

                        1. Switch on your phone without a sim card. You should be prompted to 'Start Phone Without SIM Card' or similar. Click 'Accept' or 'OK'. Your phone is now in offline mode.

                        1. Connect your Nokia phone to the PC using the USB Cable. Your phone will display several options, PC Suite Mode', mass storage mode etc... stay in this screen, do not select any of the options.

                        1. Start the SendCodeUsb application you downloaded earlier and click on the 'Read Phone Info' button. The application should display several lines of information. If it says "not found" replug your phone into the usb, and then click read phone info

                        1. If the application still displays 'Not Found', your USB Cable Drivers are not correctly installed. In this case you will need to uninstall, then re-install the USB Cable Drivers. This procedure will not work unless the drivers are correctly installed. Trying an alternative USB Port may also help. DO NOT move on to the next step until you have successfully installed the USB Cable Drivers and the software can read the information from the phone.

                        1. Now make sure you check the 'Check For Fbus' checkbox. Also make sure the 'Level(1-7)' selection is set to the appropriate carrier

            For ROGERS AND FIDO use +7 or +1

            For all Telus devices use +5 or +1

            For all UK devices use +1 and +7

            For all Tmobile USA devices use +1

       6. Enter Only The Numbers of the correct unlock code into the 'Unlock Code (15 digits)' field (e.g. if your correct unlock code was #pw+123456789012345+1# you would enter only 123456789012345 in this field)

       7. Click on the 'Send Unlock Code' button. The application should confirm that your Nokia phone is now unlocked.