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Unlock Sony Ericsson X10a

Unlock Sony Ericsson X10a

This is how you can Unlock your Sony Ericsson X10a cell phone from any GSM networks such as AT&T.

When receiving the "SIM Network Unlock PIN" message, simply enter the Unlock Code we email to you and this will unlock your Sony Ericsson X10a to be used with any GSM network

Once you place your order for your Sony Ericsson X10a Unlock Code, we will email you the Unlock Code once it has finished processing. Once unlocked, your Sony Ericsson X10a will be permanently unlocked for another GSM Network.

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Dial *#06# or Options, Status, IMEI
Should be a 15-digit number

Unlock Sony Ericsson unlock instructions

DO NOT use all attempts otherwise your phone will be hardlocked (all phones have at least 10 attempts)   The number of tries is displayed before you enter the code   If you less than 5 attempts to enter the code, contact us first before entering the code   Video proof will be required if code does not work, it's a good idea to film it so we can help trouble shoot what the problem is.   How to Enter Unlock Codes on Sony Ericsson Cell Phones (most models):

If your phone has a "JOGDIAL" (for example SonyEricsson K700i), then you must press the "down arrow" instead of the "left arrow" for step 3 & 5. By "Down Arrow" I mean directing the Jogdial down!


                    1. For the unlocking of a locked  Sony Ericsson no sim card is required.
                    1. Turn on the handset.  Display will indicate “Insert SIM.”
                    1. Press the left Arrow (
                    1. Press the star (*) button twice.
                    1. Press the left Arrow (
                    1. You will briefly see one of the following messages listed on devices display: “Personalized with MNC2” or “Personalized with MNC3”.
                    1. Wait approximately three seconds.
                    1. The display will indicate “Network” and a picture of a closed lock.
                    1. Press Select.
                    1. The display will indicate “Unlock (Net) 5” and “NCK:”
                    1. Enter the 16 digit NLCK4U code (unlock code we provided you) and press okay.
                    1. The handset will display “Network unlocked” and the display “Insert SIM” appears.
                    1. The handset is successfully unlocked.


                    1. Input a non accepted simcard
                    1. Phone will prompt you for a code
                    1. Enter code provided by us

Enter How to Enter Unlock Codes on Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro U8a

                    1. Switch ON your phone without a SIM Card
                    1. Press left once
                    1. Press the * button twice
                    1. Press left once
                    1. The message Personalize with MNC2 will appear
                    1. You can now enter the Unlock Code

How to Enter Unlock Codes on Sony Ericsson Xperia x10a:

                    1.  Input a non-accepted SIM card into the phone.
                    1. Phone will prompt you for a code
                    1. Enter the unlock code that was given to you.

Sony Ericsson Xperia software troubleshooting tips: *Firmware must be 2.1, if you don't have it you can download Sony Ericsson PC companion HERE. You will use this to install the firmware 2.1 for your Xperia device *Please carefully read the PDF file attached with the download, step by step Tips:  * If credits are already use message appears: Make sure there is no simcard in the phone, uninstall drivers and program > turn off firewall > reinstall > run unlock again Even though is states you have no credits, as long as you are using the computer and phone you will be able to run the program again as many times as you like. *You can test this by inputting a non accepted simcard to see if the phone still asks you to enter a code.  This should not appear anymore after your phone is unlocked.  * "Access denied" message appears: Go to start button > Multi Unlock Client > Unlock Client (but right click and "Run as Administrator" )  * "Fle not found" or "Invalid File name" message appears: 1. Uninstall drivers and program > turn off firewall > reinstall > run unlock again 2. Try proceedure with another computer