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LG Gt365 Unlock Order 2173275

Order ID: 2173275 LG Gt365 Unlock

I was shocked. I thought this was a scam just like a million other services that supposedly do the unlocking stuff but for like 10 bucks why not try right? It actually works. I unlocked an old LG GT365 and got a sim card from somewhere, I cant even remember where but it worked. I am planning on doing it again to 3 other old phones I have to see if it works on them. Right now, Im impressed. This is a lagit business. I will try my old Motorola V4 next and will let you know. Thout it was a gimic. Its not. Took an old retro phone and made it work in todays world. Really cool if you have old tech and want to see it work again. really cool company. They even emailed me to make sure everything worked. Im hard to impress but im sold. These guys did what they said they could. If I had 3 thumbs, I would put em all up.

– William Jennings

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