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Orange UK Unlock Code Wait Times

Orange UK Unlock Code

Orange UK Unlock Code offers the quickest delivery times as well as a recognized and trusted unlock website.

Please note that these are the average delivery times, not guaranteed turnaround time. If you have not received your unlock code within the stated delivery time, your IMEI number may be processing in an alternative database.Please allow some extra time for your IMEI number to be processed through the alternative database. If you received a “delayed” e-mail from us, we are trying an alternative database for you. It might also mean that might not be able to unlock your IMEI. Please contact us. Our automated system will return the results as soon as it is ready.

This page was last updated November 2015.


Orange UK Blackberry Unlock Code:

(ie. Blackberry 9700, 9900) Instant to 5 minutes. Some newer models such as 9320/9720 requiring "new security" at times may need reprocessing and take 1 business day. _________________________________________________________________

Orange UK Blackberry 10 OS Unlock Code:

(ie. Blackberry Z10, Q10) 1 business day. _________________________________________________________________

HTC Orange Unlock Code (Regular):

2 to 10 minutes. _________________________________________________________________

HTC Orange Unlock Code (2014+ models):

5 minutes to 1 hour. _________________________________________________________________

Huawei Orange Unlock Code:

1 to 2 business days. _________________________________________________________________

iPhone Orange Unlock:

5 to 10 business days. _________________________________________________________________

LG Orange Unlock Code (Regular):

2 to 5 minutes. _________________________________________________________________

LG Orange Unlock Code (Some 2015 models):

5 minutes to 2 hours. _________________________________________________________________

Orange UK Motorola Unlock Code (Regular):

1 to 3 hours. *This method may at times may require manufacturer method below. _________________________________________________________________

Orange UK Motorola Unlock Code (Manufacturer):

1 to 3 business days. _________________________________________________________________

Nokia Lumia Orange UK Unlock Code:

3 to 10 business days. _________________________________________________________________

Samsung Orange UK Unlock Code (Manufacturer):

From Monday-Saturday, 1:00am to 2:30pm Pacific Time: 10-90 minutes. Outside of hours above, it will be completed 2:00am the following day. _________________________________________________________________

Sony Orange UK Unlock Code:

1 to 4 business days. _________________________________________________________________

ZTE Orange UK Unlock Code:

1 to 2 business days. _________________________________________________________________

If you have any questions please contact our support team. We are unlocking phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our live support team is available to assist you:

Monday to Friday, from 10am to 5pm PST.

Our Toll Free number is 1-800-707-9807. E-mail us at

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