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Live chat now online!

live chat now online
At, we always strive to improve on our services. Recently, we have revamped our customer service experience in order to accomodate to our customers better! We have updated our phone system with automated responses that help to direct your question or inquiry to the right place. If you catch us when we are closed, it will now tell you where to go to find help! Similarly if you have been waiting a long time, our phone system will now keep track of how long and recommend to you whether or not to stay on the line depending on how many customers are waiting to be helped. As of April 29, 2014, we also launched our live chat service! In about 20 minutes, we received our first inquiry. Thank you Dejan from Canada for using our service! Dejan was able to unlock his Blackberry Z30 a day after his inquiries! live chat To use this service, simply look for the chat box on the lower right of any of our pages! live chat We hope to help you better and faster with these improvements!   Happy unlocking!
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