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Hello! Starting today, November 19, 2014, we have a new form of support for our customers. Before today, we had phone calls and chat service on weekdays, 11-5pm PST, along with e-mails. However, as of today, we have started forum support. 'What is that?', you might say? Forums are a great place to learn about specific topics from others, as well as experts. As an official vendor with, we have opened up a thread for our customers for support. Not only will we be responding to these posts, but an additional upside is that other members of will be able to chime in as well as they wish. This gives our you, our customer, the benefit of an improved level of help as not only will you be hearing from us for help, but our help will also be "peer-reviewed" by others as well! We may not be perfect at all times, and this opens up room for improvement for our service as well, as we can improve for you, our customer. We hope this is a great tool for our customers to use! Feel free to leave a post! Even just to say how we've done for you! Team
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