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Jailbreaking Your Apple Device: The Pros and Cons

Many people who buy Apple devices are devoted Apple followers. These are people who love everything Apple does and are happy to use all of the iPhone's native apps for everything they do. There are other people, however, who enjoy the hardware functionality of Apple devices, but find that Apple's software restrictions are a little too… well, restrictive. If you want to get more out of your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device than what Apple initially offers, then jailbreaking may be something to consider. But beware, there are also some serious potential consequences that you should be aware of before you go jailbreak every Apple device you own. To help you determine whether or not jailbreaking is a good idea, we've presented the top pros and cons of jailbreaking your Apple device right here.

You Get More App Options: PRO

The biggest reason most people choose to jailbreak their Apple device is so that they can access apps outside of Apple's App Store. While there are plenty of apps available in the App Store already, there are thousands more that never make it past Apple's filters. If you want access to those so-called "unauthorized" apps, jailbreaking is your only option.

You Make Your Device More Vulnerable to Viruses and Malware: CON

While it's great to have the option to download any app you want, remember that some of Apple's restrictions are in place for a reason. Yes, they want control over the marketplace, but they also have strict standards when it comes to virus and malware protection. Once you jailbreak your device and start downloading unauthorized apps, you open your device up to the risk of infection from apps containing malicious software.

You Can Personalize the Look of Your Device: PRO

If you want your device to represent your unique personal style, the only thing Apple really allows you to do is change your background image. With a Jailbroken device, however, you have much more control over how your device looks and feels. Unauthorized apps available on jailbroken devices give users control over everything from changing the look of homescreen icons to creating customized sounds and ringtones.

Jailbroken Devices Are Not Compatible with System Updates: CON

Just because you've jailbroken your device, that doesn't mean it will stay jailbroken once you update your operating system. Remember, Apple doesn't like people straying from their system, so they'll do everything they can to prevent you from jailbreaking your device. This means any time you update your iOS, the update will most likely delete any unauthorized apps you've downloaded and put your phone back on the native Apple system.

You Can Tinker to Your Heart's Delight: PRO

For people who don't like to do a lot of tinkering on the back end of computer systems, Apple devices usually provide an excellent user experience. On the other hand, if you're the type that likes to get your hands dirty by messing around with coding and file directories, then Apple devices don't give you many options. By jailbreaking your device, you'll gain full access to the iOS file system so you can tinker to your heart's delight.

Jailbreaking Voids Your Warranty: CON

If you run into any problems with a jailbroken device, don't expect any help from Apple, as jailbreaking your device will void your warranty. The good news, however, is that if you restore a clean version of your iOS by connecting your device to iTunes, Apple won't be able to tell that the device had previously been jailbroken. You'll lose all of your apps and anything else that's not saved in the cloud, but at least you'll get your warranty status back.
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