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How to Choose the Right Cellphone for You

How to choose the right cellphone for you? There's a phone out there for everyone. With the plethora of choices available today, anyone can find a mobile phone that works perfectly for their lifestyle and budget. The question is, which phone is the one for you? With so many options available, it can be easy to get lost in the details. So to make the choice easier, we've ranked some of today's most popular devices based on key features such as battery life, camera quality, etc… All you have to do now is identify which features matter most to you, and you should be able to find a phone that matches your lifestyle perfectly.

Phones with the Fastest Processing Speed

If you're a multi-tasker, a gamer, or someone who tends to download or upload large amounts of photos and videos, you'll probably be most interested in phones with the fastest data transfer speed and most processing power. If this sounds like you, then check out these 5 hyper-speed devices:  

Phones with the Best Battery Life

While lightning quick processing speed is great for some people, others aren't willing to sacrifice battery life in favour of more power or more features. Battery life is especially important in the business world where people may be away from power for long periods of time but are still heavily dependent on their phone. The top-ranking phones in the "best battery life" category are: Apple users will also be happy to know that the iPhone 6 Plus phablet boasts an impressive 10 hours of battery life ¬– not quite as much as the devices mentioned above, but more than any previous Apple device has offered.

Phones with the Best Camera

Are you an avid Instagrammer? Do you love capturing moments with your smartphone? If camera quality is what you're after, then check out these 5 phones with top of the line cameras: Also notable in terms of camera phones is the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. While the picture quality on this device isn't any higher than what you'd get out of a phone like the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy K Zoom is the only phone to date that offers a built-in optical zoom.

Phones with the Biggest Screen

If you're a big proponent of the "bigger is better" philosophy, then check out these 5 super-sized devices: (By the way, the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple's first foray into large-screen devices, doesn't even come close to ranking on this list with its measly 4.7-inch display screen.)

Phones That Give You the Best Bang for Your Buck

While all of the above features may be important, sometimes the number one factor in determining your phone choice simply comes down to budget. If that's the case for you, take a look at these 5 budget-friendly devices that still offer a lot in terms of quality: Out of these options, the Motorola Moto G is the overwhelming pick for best budget smartphone based on a number of different sources, although the rest of the devices mentioned above (as well as similar devices in the same lines all make for excellent budget-conscious choices.
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