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How To Choose the Right Screen Size for You

Cell phones are virtually a necessity these days. Smartphones have so many features now that a person can do most anything on it. Anything from playing games and watching movies, listening to music and reading, to running a business and working. They help us get around, they keep us connected to friends and family. When you are picking out your next cell phone, the screen size will play a huge part in the type you choose. In order to know what size screen you really need, ask yourself a few questions.

What Will you be Doing With Your Phone?

For some people the cellphone plays a huge role in their business and entertainment. Yet for others it is just a means for contacts. What you plan on using your cell phone for makes a difference. For those that use their cell phones for navigation, entertainment, as well as for emails and connecting with others via videos such as Skype, a larger screen is a far better choice. Something like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is best for someone that plans on doing a lot with their phone. However, for those that really just need something for calls and texting but still want occasional access to the internet and likes the extra features, something such as the HTC Mini is a good choice.

How Often Will you be Using Your Phone?

There are those that will use their cell phone quit often and those that wont. How much you rely on your phone makes a difference in the size screen you need. In this case, if you are not using your phone often you can save yourself some money and go for something simple with a smaller screen. However, if you like to use your cell phone for playing games, watching movies, and even reading, a larger screen is necessary. The iPhone 6 Plus is one phone that boasts a 5.5 inch screen. You don't want to spend a lot of time straining your eyes trying to look at a small screen.

Will you be Relying on Your Phone for Internet Searches?

You may not be spending a ton of time on your phone with games and movies. In this case something in the middle will be ideal. If you are depending on your cell phone for internet use and navigation an average screen size provided by phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the HTC DROID will be great. In the cases where you are looking at an average screen size, you can concentrate on other features.

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Is Your Phone Just for Calls & Texting?

One very important question can mean the difference between getting an actual smartphone or a regular cell phone. If you are just in need of a cell phone, and you will be using it for texting, then a simple phone with a small screen is the best fit. You may not even need a smartphone, the Samsung GT E2530 or the Nokia E71 provide just what the simple cell phone user needs. These smaller cell phones are also great for those looking to keep their costs down, those that don't want to pay extra for simple needs. Before you go out and pick up your next cell phone, think about what you want from your phone. Think about the size you need your cell phone to be. This will help you out in many ways. It will help save your eyes from straining, making it easier on you. Also, the right screen will make your overall experience with your phone a better one.
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