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The Familiar but All-New Apple iPhone SE


Great things come in small packages--now, that’s something we never thought we’d say again about cell phones. We’ve been living in a “bigger is always better” world since the phablet era began, but it looks like Apple has set out to prove us wrong with the new Apple iPhone SE.

The Basics

When people say the new Apple iPhone SE is basically the iPhone 6S in an iPhone 5S body, they really weren’t kidding. On the outside, it looks almost identical to the 5S. It has a 4” display with a metal two-toned body and chamfered matte edges. It has Apple’s A9 processor with 2GB of RAM, which means it will switch between apps without a problem and run the best, most high-quality App Store games without a hitch. iPhones also generally have a pretty good reputation for phone photography, and the SE does not break that trend. While it has a 12MP primary camera that’s capable of 4k video as well as decent photos in low-light, the front camera has downgraded from 5MP to only 1.2MP.

Creature Comforts

However, you will find a few differences between the 6S and the new Apple iPhone SE: this phone has a slower Touch ID sensor and is completely missing 3D Touch. If you’re like me and you’ve never particularly cared about Touch ID, you likely won’t even notice the difference in speed. 3D Touch, on the other hand, is new technology introduced by Apple with the iPhone 6S. Peek and Pop are that they call the new interactions that you can do with your fingers on the screen. You can lightly tap an item or a link to ‘peek’ at a preview of what it looks like and then press down harder to ‘pop’ into the screen.

Efficiency, Packed

The great thing about having a newer processor is that it is significantly more efficient than its predecessors, allowing Apple to pack a battery with the same capacity as the 5S into the SE. With a better processor and a smaller screen to power, users will get much more use-time out of the phone without having to sacrifice the great compact size.


To be honest, I don’t think I could ever go back to a smaller phone. I like the extra screen estate and I love being productive on the go, being able to type out essays and longer emails. In fact, I could type up this article on my phone if I wanted to. I wouldn’t be able to do any of those things on a 4” phone. For a lot of other people, though, the new Apple iPhone SE is the exact phone they’ve been waiting for. These people don’t center their activities around their mobile devices and don’t like that a phone takes up both hands and demands their undivided attention. Running with their phones will be a possibility again. Unlock Apple iPhone SE

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