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Samsung Foldable Phone

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Consumers have grown familiar with the nice but predictable Galaxy devices, but it seems like Samsung may finally be trying to shake up their tech. Enter the Samsung Foldable Phone.

It’s been relatively well known that the technological giant has been trying to make a foldable smartphone for years. Since the production of the Edge devices and Samsung’s interest in making curved screens, it’s really only a matter of time until the company finally perfected the famous foldable phone. We’re barely halfway into 2016, but rumour already has it that 2017 will be the year that Samsung debuts five different flagship phones. The Galaxy S8, S8 edge, Note 7, Note 7 edge, and a mysterious device called the Galaxy X. Given that phones have already been produced with 4K resolution, it’s likely that the 2017 successors will also have a 4K display. Early rumours say that the Galaxy X is said to be a foldable smartphone with at least a 5” foldable display that can be transformed into a 7” tablet. This would mean a return to this form factor since the old Samsung foldable/flip 'dumb' phones. How will the smartphone fold? Would it be more of a curve than a straight-line fold (like a piece of paper), or would be more similar to the LG flexible phones? Will the edges of the phone fold, or would it be a fold right down the middle? We have so many questions, but we’re very excited to see what will unfold!

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