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Rogers’ Acquires Mobilicity

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Recently, Mobilicity users received a text message informing them that their carrier will be joining Rogers’ Chatr Mobile.

After Rogers acquired the small carrier, users were told to continue using their phone as normal. While many were hopeful that their plans would not change, others suspected that their days of paying low prices for unlimited usage were over. As of right now, everyone’s biggest questions seem to be “Will my plan change?” and “Will the price go up or down?”. Unfortunately, no one knows what kind of plans Chatr will be providing Mobilicity users just yet. However, Rogers has stated that they will be providing a special online portal over this summer with plans exclusive to existing Mobilicity users. This is because none of the old plans will be grandfathered in with the transition. Many doubt that Chatr will be able to compare with Mobilicity’s famous unlimited plans. However, Chatr boasts a $40/month unlimited plan that is currently available only in Edmonton, Calgary, and the Greater Toronto Area. Hopefully, they will expand this great plan to other locations by the time we say goodbye to Mobilicity forever. Mobilicity currently has over 150,000 subscribers and likely just as many disgruntled users, seeing as their FAQ is quite unhelpful so far. We hope that there will be more details as Mobilicity transitions to Chatr. They’ll officially stop accepting new customers on August 15th, but will continue to do so for now.
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