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OnePlus 3 News and Rumors!

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The OnePlus company has made quite the name for itself since the release of their OnePlus One, dubbed the “Flagship Killer” by themselves as well as many of their fans. The company has since released two additional phones: the OnePlus X and the OnePlus 2. The biggest selling point of their phones is the low price point coupled with flagship quality hardware. Not only do the devices feel premium in hand, but they also come with OnePlus’ personal operating system that allows for a lot of customization. With the specifications of the OnePlus One and the 2, we’re happily expecting the same powerhouse quality to come from the OnePlus 3. Recent rumours are suggesting that the phone will have SnapDragon 820 as its processor, but offer two versions of the phone. One would have 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. The other would offer 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Seeing as other major companies have taken to releasing two--or even three--variations of the same phone with different specifications, it wouldn’t be a surprise for OnePlus to jump on trend. Because OnePlus is known for trying to keep prices low, giving their customers the option of choosing a hardware tier that suits them the best would make sense as the company’s next move. Battery life has become one of consumers’ highest concerns, so the phone is expected to receive a boost in battery capacity. While the OnePlus 2 had 3300mAh, the 3 should come with 3500mAh. Given that the phone technically has a non-removable battery, a boost in capacity would certainly help power the anticipated 1080p 5.5” display throughout the day. The OnePlus X features dual-SIM capabilities where one of the card slots can also accept a microSD card, so hopefully this feature will carry on to the company’s next Flagship Killer. The OnePlus 3 is also speculated to have a 16MP rear camera with an 8MP front camera. We also hear that it will feature new fast-charging technology from the Chinese company Oppo, where it will be able to fully charge from 0% in under 15 minutes. Will this be healthy for the battery though? We expect the phone to be released around mid-summer this year, but we’re not sure whether OnePlus will continue to use its invitation system. While the strange purchasing system acted as a method of boosting the phones’ popularity by adding an air of exclusivity to them, it also doubled as a way of keeping orders and production numbers balanced. Because the company has grown since the past few years and the name OnePlus is now a familiar one, it would make sense if they shed the invite system for their third flagship phone.

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