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Our Take On Instagram vs. Snapchat

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snapchat vs insta
Instagram recently rolled out a new feature called “Stories” and thus began the battle between the two social media platforms. Back in 2013, Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for 3 billion but was turned down. As a result, Instagram is definitely throwing some shade at Snapchat for being rejected. However, it is hilariously ironic witnessing many using Instagram stories as an outlet to redirect their followers back their own Snapchat. We’re going over our favourite features of both. Let the social media games begin, may the odds be ever in their favour! Instagram was also once Facebook’s competitor but was bought out by them. When Snapchat rejected Facebook’s proposal, Instagram definitely felt bitter and decided to create their own mirror of Snapchat Stories. Above your feed you will see a row of Stories from people you follow within the last 24 hours. Tap and hold to pause a story or swipe left to go onto the next persons story, and right to do a double take. fast-forward-instagram-stories Similar to Snapchat you will not be able to like the video but you can share your thoughts and reply to their Stories. If your Stories are too wild for your family to see, Instagram has your back and you can also easily hide Stories from specific people. hide-instagram-vs-snapchat We don’t know how long Instagram is intending to keep this feature for but we hope it doesn’t flop like Facebook’s Poke. Stories may fall behind in the customization area providing no stickers or filters like Snapchat. Instagram Stories has only been released into the world for a few weeks now. There is still time and room for improvements to be made! For what it is we have to give it up for Instagram and having the guts to roll out a feature similar to Snapchat. This is another way for users to engage with their followers in "Real time". As "Instagram worthy” pictures can put a pressure on many, this way Stories is essentially a solution for those who want to continue to be active on Instagram without permanently posting on their feed. It’s a way of having your followers on Instagram not feel too neglected with your focused attention on only Snapchat. ________________________________________________________ Now that we've gone over Instagram Stories.. It's time to dive into our favourite features of Snapchat Stories! FILTERS, FILTERS, FILTERS. funny-snapchat-filters-animals We can't stress our obsession enough with Snapchat’s filters. From the explosive fad of taking selfies came selfie sticks and you can’t forget about Chainsmoker’s infamous hit song “#Selfie". It’s not a surprise that not too long after Snapchat came up with the idea to integrate selfie filters and it was a hit! Just when Snapchat’s main feature of 10 second photos/videos was starting to become old news and we were preparing ourselves for another hot social media app to pop up. Snapchat added new features such as selfie filters and geotags drawing back users unlike *cough cough Twitter*. The face swap filter will always be our ultimate favourite! What’s yours? Snapchat is definitely a go to app when you are looking to pass the time, especially with “Discover". They’ve moved past just being a picture app and have added content outlets such as BuzzFeed and National Geographic, so you can get your scoop of trending news while taking shameless selfies. Regardless of which platform does “Stories” better, we have to say that Instagram sure knows how to be the centre of attention. From their revamped logo to the algorithm change that scared many users and now the added feature of Stories. Instagram sure knows how to hit the headlines! What will Instagram have up their sleeve next?! Tweet us @cellphoneunlock your thoughts on this battle between Instagram and Snapchat!

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