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Introducing Google’s New Pixel and Pixel XL

Google's Pixel and Pixel XL
After many so many rumours and leaks, Google has finally unveiled it’s new phone, “Pixel." Visually, Pixel can’t compete with it’s fellow competitors. But Google takes the crown home for what’s packed internally. External: Pixel comes in 2 sizes: 5", 5.5" The 5” model is a 1080p screen while the XL (5.5”) rocks a Quad HD screen. Both sport Snapdragon 821 processors and AMOLED screen. google-pixel-colors Colours: Very Silver, Quite Black, unfortunately Really Blue is exclusive to U.S only. Fingerprint sensors are placed on the back of the phone so you easily unlock your phone, and access your notifications. Enough about the external, let’s jump into the internal! Internal: Pixel features Android 7.1 Nougat Many android users understand the pain of having to update, but instead Pixel users have the upper hand of having their phone automatically updated. If there is something wrong with your phone, tech support will service you better as they can see your screen directly. Duo: Google’s very own video chat app, comparable to Apple’s FaceTime also comes paired in. Allo: Your very own assistant (sorry no coffee runs, but Allo can pull up the nearest coffee place to you!) If you are familiar with Siri, Allo is very similar. But any communication feels more like a casual conversation, the assistant is able to keep track of the context between your requests without the need to properly word requests into questions. More natural than having to order around your assistant like a servant, we don’t want a iRobot like take over to happen. This phone is definitely made for people on the go. You can get up to 7 hours of battery life on only 15 mins of charging. There are two storage options, 32 or 129 GB. google-pixel-specs ?Camera Specs: 12.3 MP Sensor has large 1.55μm pixels f/2.0 Aperture Researches at DxOMark say it’s the best you’ll find in a smartphone and has received a mobile score of 89, the highest-rated smartphone camera they have ever tested. No matter what the conditions are all the photos shot on Pixel’s 12.3MP camera has low levels of noise, and accurate exposures. Here’s the lowdown on how DxOMark scored Pixel’s Camera google-pixel-score Let us show you how well the camera handles with some comparison shots from DxOMark. google-pixel-camera-comparison google-pixel-camera-comparison2 With such a great camera, Google includes unlimited photo storage with the removal of size limit and compression, you are now free to store your 4K videos. Accessories Liven up your Pixel with Live Cases. They are cases with you can customize with photos of your favourite places or things. There will also be exclusive artwork collections featuring work from Justin Miller and Chris Hadfield (AKA first Canadian in space) google-pixel-accesories Pixel has the potential to whisk you away to another world when combined with Daydream viewer. google-day-dream Price: $100 CAD Colors: Slate, snow and crimson. It is 30% lighter than other VR headsets being made out of soft, breathable fabric. The phone and headset has an auto alignment system so you don’t have to worry about cables or connectors. However, this is limited to only “Daydream-ready phones”, if the Pixel does not impress you, do not fear Google states “there are a lot more on the way from leading Android smartphone makers.” This VR headset also comes with a Daydream controller. Your actions in reality will translate in the virtual world, creating a more immersive experience. The best part is the portability, just slip the remote into the headset and you are ready to Daydream whenever, wherever. Pixel is available for preorder today starting at $899 CAD for the 5” model and $1,049 CAD for the 5.5" Now for those of your who are Apple users but would like to give Google’s Pixel a shot, they have made it ridiculously easy for you to do so. google-pixel-3-steps We all know about Apple and Google's long time rivalry. But Google is tipping the boat by subtly nudging Apple fans to convert with their quick instructions to switch. They’ve also included a “Quick Switch Adapter” to transfer your data over from an iPhone. How do you think Pixel will compare to the other phone releases this year? Tweet us your thoughts
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