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How To Unlock Any Phone

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Why do cell phone carriers lock phones? Because they want you to use their services! This is a part of a contract where they purchase the phone and allow you to use it in exchange for a contract wherein you must use their service for a minimum period of 2 years. They also don’t want their phones to travel across the world. You see, phones in some countries are more expensive than others. For example, an unlocked iPhone costs much more than a phone purchased through AT&T in the US. Phone carriers do not want a phone purchased in California to end up in Italy! It’s a win-win for both, consumers and phone carriers. While buyers get to upgrade their phone at a nominal cost, phone carriers get to increase their customer base. The problem arises only when you have to carry the phone abroad or have an ongoing problem with your service provider. Network carriers offer device unlock facilities only because they are required to do so. But they certainly don’t make it easy! Here’s how to unlock any phone:
  • Verizon Unlock:

    Verizon does not lock most of their phones. All 4G LTE devices are sold unlocked. You can cancel services anytime as long as the phone wasn’t financed via their two-year device payment plan. While this is the case for postpaid customers, the company sells locked phones to prepaid customers through their Prepaid Phone in the Box plan. The device stays locked for the first 12 months after activation. After you’ve completed the lock-in period, all that you have to do is to dial 000000 or 123456 to unlock the phone yourself.
  • AT&T Unlock:

    AT&T locks almost all their phones. They will provide the unlock codes on request provided you meet their requirements. These include paying for the phone in full or completing their 2-year payment plan. You could either call them or visit us to know how to unlock a Samsung, LG, or iPhone. We can unlock it less than a day at the lowest price possible.
  • T-Mobile Unlock:

    T-mobile also locks most of its phones. The unlocking policy also isn’t easy to understand as well. The basics remain the same, i.e., the phone mustn’t be reported lost or stolen. Similarly, you must have paid all your dues and paid for the phone as well. But, you cannot make more than two unlock requests within 12 consecutive months. If you need more than two t-mobile unlock codes, I’d suggest you contact us!
  With so many choices, unlocking a phone has never been easier!
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