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Cell Phone Deals For 2018

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Latest iPhone X Deals You Shouldn’t Miss

Finding the right phone can be tricky – if the tech specs match your expectations, the price isn’t right. And if the price is right, the phone isn’t up to the mark. We’ve crawled all across the internet to look for some of the best deals for all phones, including the iPhone X. Here’s a list of the latest deals where you can lay your hands on the phone at the lowest price available.

The T-Mobile Offer:

T-Mobile has kick-started the New Year with a goody bag full of offers. Their latest offers include the buy one and get $700 off on any phone, including the iPhone X. This is probably the best deal we’ve seen on an iPhone so far! The much-awaited tenth anniversary iPhone did manage to please Apple fanboys with its Super Retina display and sophisticated camera interface. In fact, the iPhone X is Apple’s most innovative phone till date. What’s also special is the price – it’s the first phone to hit the $1000 base price! And if you need help with unlocking your phone, call us to know how to unlock your T-Mobile phone!

The AT&T Offer:

AT&T is offering great deals on Samsung phones. The latest buy two for the price of one offer involves Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, the S8 Active, and the Note 8. Customers buying one phone can get the other for free! You will have to buy both phones through AT&T Next through monthly installments, although they’re offering credits for one of the phones for the first 30 months. If you own an iPhone and wondering how to network unlock an Apple iPhone, call us – we can help!

The Verizon Offer:

Verizon too has some great deals for 2018. You can now buy the iPhone 8, 8+, or the iPhone X and get another phone for free. You can buy the phone in monthly installments, and get up to $699.99 credit on trade-ins. The iPhone 8 is believed to be the hottest iPhone in the market and supposedly the top seller for Apple during the last quarter. You could also buy the iPhone 8/8Plus by trading in another smartphone (check their website for a list of eligible phones) and get up $300 credit on a monthly device payment activation plan. You can also get the LG K20V for free after $7 credit every month for 24 months. There are plenty of deals out there – choose one that fits you!
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