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Why Do People Love the iPhone

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3 Reasons People Love The iPhone

Ever since it was first introduced in 2007, the iPhone continues to bring innovative features and updates to a larger audience. In fact, on its 10 th anniversary, last year, Apple was declared the second-largest smartphone vendor in the world with a global market share of around 15%. It continues to break sales record with nearly 78.3 million iPhones being sold in its last fiscal quarter of 2017. Why do people love the iPhone so much – even those who own an Android? Here are three reasons that we could think of:
  • Superior design:

    There’s no denying the fact that Apple has an almost ‘flawless finish’ - one that is rivaled by no other company. There are stories about how Steve Jobs streak for perfection led designers to go through hundreds of revisions on prototypes. This commitment to design continues even today when hundreds of devices are technically far better than the iPhone -no other device is as easily recognizable as the iPhone.
  • Ease of use:

    The iOS has traditionally been considered more intuitive and easy to use when compared to Android, although this isn’t true anymore. The iPhone feels slightly easy to use and is more streamlined. For example, you can integrate any file or document to and from your phone to any tablet or Mac in just a couple of taps. While this can be done via cloud storage on Android, the information flow from one device to another isn’t as easy as it is on an iPhone.
  • Minus the bloatware:

    Even the most diehard Android fans would agree that these phones come with a lot of pre-installed bloatware that’s almost impossible to uninstall. In fact, most apps can never be uninstalled. While this may be less of an issue initially, it can become a problem later when you need more storage space. The best thing about iPhone apps is that you can delete ones that you don’t want when you set up the new phone. And there’s also the loyalty factor. Apple has managed to create a strong brand identity. It’s not just any other smartphone; it’s an iPhone! If you own an iPhone and want to know how to network unlock an Apple iPhone, contact Cellphoneunlock! We’ll unlock your phone in minutes and at the lowest price possible!
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