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4 Reasons To Buy A Samsung Phone

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Galaxy s9 in different colors!
With companies rolling out mobile technology updates almost every day, it is not at all surprising when people prefer to buy a new phone every year! When it comes to smart phones, two companies continue to dominate the global market with patrons from both sides exhibiting fierce loyalty towards their preferred choice of brand. If you are in two minds about which phone to choose, here are four reasons to buy a Samsung:    

Expandable Memory:

The best thing about using a Samsung phone is that you don’t have to worry about deleting images or videos or juggling tracks. To expand storage all that you have to do is to insert a memory card and download anything you want without guilt. It is sometimes possible for iPhone users to use micro SD cards with their device, but the system is complicated and not very popular. If you love downloading movies or are a game buff, consider buying a Samsung phone.  

Better Features At Half The Price:

Some of the features like water and dust resistance, wireless charging, haptic feedback etc introduced by Apple aren’t really path breaking. Samsung had introduced almost all of these updates long ago. Yet, an average Samsung phone costs much less than an iPhone. To avail the latest features, just buy a high end locked phone and call us for unlock Samsung codes!

Easy For Multitasking:

It was not until the iOS 8 that Apple implemented widgets. But their use is limited to a few activities. For example, iPhone users can only add widgets to the notification center. But the widgets in an Android phone can be used for just about anything, including customizing your calendar, set alarms, direct calls to contact us, etc.


You can buy a Samsung phone at any price level. The company has come a long from its initial stages where these phones were notorious for their low quality phones. This is especially true for the higher end models. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is made of aluminum with glass fronts and backs!      


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