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4 Reasons To Buy An iPhone

by kelvin.c Categories: Mobile Tech
Millions of iPhone worshippers queue outside Apple flagship stores every time the company launches a new version of their now famous iPhone. This is despite the widely held belief that Apple hasn’t really introduced drastic changes after the launch of their initial models. Here are four reasons why we think some people prefer an iPhone over an Android.


Except the high end Android phones, there are very few phones that can match the iPhone’s attention to detail. The company maintains a tight control over how their products are manufactured, unlike the Android software system which Google shares with Samsung, HTC, and other manufacturers. These phones vary widely in features and quality.


This is one aspect that even hardcore Android fans will agree! iPhones are easier to use thanks to their streamlined approach. With just a flick of a button, you can organize files or edit live photos. In fact, the best thing about using any Apple product is that they’re easy to use; you can simply pick a product and teach yourself how to use it!

The Best Apps:

There’s a reason why app developers prefer to launch their products on iOS. iPhone users are more likely to purchase an app than their Android counterparts. Naturally, some of the best apps are first launched on iPhones rather than Android phones. For example, it took two years for Instagram to debut on an Android phone.

Zero Bloatware:

The best thing about owning an iPhone is that you don’t have to put up with carrier bloatware and taking up space on your phone. A new iPhone has no carrier loaded software giving users a clean user experience. On some phones, you can even disable some of the built-in apps. Agreed, iPhones are more expensive when compared to Android phones. But the best way to overcome this hurdle is buy SIM locked phones and then contact us to know how to unlock an iPhone!
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