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Why Do People Still Buy The iPhone 5S?

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Unlock Apple iPhone 5S

Why the iPhone 5s is still the most popular mobile among youngsters

Apple’s products are always topnotch and are appreciated for several years even after new versions have become available in the market. This is why the iPhone 5s which was launched way back in 2013 is still popular among the younger generation that cannot afford the high end iPhone X. While the phone may not be available at Apple’s stores, it can be purchased online at a decent price without any SIM. Here are some of its plus features that will convince you to buy this model if you are planning to buy a new phone for your child’s first day of college.    
  • Compact and capable The phone is among the best in the mid-range Android category and fits well into the palm and pockets as it is just 4 inches and weighs 3.9 oz. Powered by a strong 1.3 Ghz dual-core processor the phone is ideal for students that tend to use several apps for keeping in touch with friends, playing games or just browsing. The phone is fast and efficient with 16 GB internal storage and A7 chip which makes moving across applications a breeze. The M7 motion co-processor with fingerprint sensor and Touch ID all fitted into a sleek glass and aluminum body with matte finish make this phone a great buy.
  • Free apps and in-built features Both its front and rear cameras are great for taking videos and pictures, though the rear one is better as it has a dual LED flash. It has several sensors that most kids would love, like gyroscope, proximity sensor and accelerometer. The phone comes pre-loaded with interesting applications like Siri voice assistant and FaceTime Audio, Apple Maps and user can always download free applications as per requirement from the Apple Store. You don’t have to worry about how to unlock iPhone 5s as all you have to do is to use the instrument’s IMEI number to unlock it for free on any network. maintains a huge database of all unlock codes.

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