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How To Choose An Android Phone With The Best Camera

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5 Tips For Choosing An Android Camera Phone

Most of us prefer smartphones as our go-to cameras. The quality camera in a cell phone is one of the primary considerations when purchasing one, but since there are numerous smartphones in the market that boast of their photography capabilities, it can be confusing to pick one. Here are five tips to count on when choosing between phones with cameras.
  • Autofocus

    Similar to a standard camera, autofocus in a smartphone camera allows to focus correctly on the subject of the photograph and is critical to avoid blurry pictures. Today, most modern smartphones come with the Autofocus feature, but it's best to check and make sure.
  • Low Aperture

    Every camera has an aperture, which is an opening through which light travels through its lens. The measurement of Aperture is done in f-stops, translating to the focal length divided by the opening size. Basically, the smaller the f-stop, the more amount of light reaches the camera's sensor. Hence, an Android camera phone should get checked for lower aperture.
  • High-Quality Flash

    Avoid taking pictures in poor lighting conditions by getting a smartphone that comes with a powerful flash or with a dual LED flash, which is twice as bright as the standard one and provides lots of light for your photos. Samsung Galaxy S4 offers the best type of lighting via Xenon flashes. If you are worried about Samsung unlock codes, call us! At, we can unlock any phone for you.
  • Video Recording

    The current smartphones are capable of recording high-quality videos as well as photos. When choosing a camera phone, go for the one that will allow you take excellent videos with 4K resolutions, which is currently the best format for video recording.
  • HDR option

    A phone's camera with the High Dynamic Range option takes three pictures at different exposures instead of one, and then automatically puts these images together and features the best parts of each photo in a single frame.
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