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Unlock Palm Treo 270


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Dial *#06# or Options, Status, IMEI
Should be a 15-digit number

This is how you can Unlock your Palm Treo 270 cell phone from any GSM networks.

Palm devices are great business phones and unlocking them will allow you to use the device across all GSM networks around the world. This gives you the flexibility to travel anywhere and know that you can depend on your device to handle your business needs.

You will receive the prompt to enter a code once you enter a foreign SIM card. Simply enter the Unlock Code that we will email to you and this will unlock your Palm to be used with any GSM network

Once you place your order for your Palm Treo 270 Unlock Code, we will email you the Unlock Code once it has finished processing. Once unlocked, your Palm Treo 270 will be permanently unlocked for another GSM Network.


Unlock Palm unlock instructions

Once you have received the Unlock Code email, please follow the following instructions carefully.

  1. Insert a SIM card that is not from the original carrier in your phone and power on the phone.
  2. Once finished loading your phone will ask you for the "SIM Network Unlock PIN".
  3. Enter the Palm Network Unlock Code.

Your Palm Device is now Unlocked!

  • Some phones may have different unlock Code Input Instructions.
  • WARNING: Your device must prompt for a code after restarting with a SIM card from a different carrier. Please check this first! If your device does not prompt, then you do not need our services. Please contact us for more details!


Alternative Instructions for Specific Palm Models:

Model : Treo® 180, 270, 750

  1. Switch ON your phone without SIM Card.
  2. Compose : *#*#CODE#.


  1. Switch ON your phone with a not Allowed SIM Card.
  2. Enter the Unlock Code we sent to you.

Important Note : On some models the Num Lock is not automatically enabled so make sure it is ON before entering the unlock code.

Model : Treo® 600

  1. Switch ON your phone with Allowed SIM Card.
  2. Go to Menu and select "Phone Tool" or "Phone Application".
  3. Type on Virtual Keyboard *#*#CODE#.
  4. Select with PEN "Number" and phone will show that's unlocked now!


  1. Switch ON your phone with a not Allowed SIM Card.
  2. Enter the Unlock Code we sent to you.

Model : Treo® 650/680

  1. Remove Treo® battery, unplug cable.
  2. Insert incorrect SIM card (the one that the phone does not accept).
  3. Power on your Treo, “Sim not allowed” is displayed, click “ok”.
  4. Go to the dial pad, and use the stylus to enter code *#*#CODE#. Then press “Dial”.
    • Ensure you enter the codes in this manner *#*#CODE# (e.g. *#*#12345678#)
  5. Phone will reset and display “sim lock removed”.

Error Message: "The SIM Lock has NOT been removed from this phone".

  • Solution 1: Please make sure you are entering the correct code and enter it by dialing *#*#CODE#.
  • Solution 2: If the phone says that the SIM lock has not been removed, ensure that the phone radio (wireless mode) is on.

Palm Software Trouble shooting

  1. "got unexpected answer : backpacket" usually means your firewall/virus scan is not allowing the program to run. Please temporarily turn it off.

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