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LG Aristo 2

Unlock T-Mobile LG Aristo 2


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Price and delivery time may change with selection of current carrier

Dial *#06# or Options, Status, IMEI
Should be a 15-digit number

How To Unlock T-Mobile LG Aristo 2:

Unlock your T-mobile LG Aristo 2 with the pre-installed T-mobile device unlock application. Please check if your phone is eligible for unlock before placing the order.

Important: Follow these steps to check for unlock eligibility.

  1. Connect to wifi or the t-mobile network for internet data.
  2. Launch the “Device Unlock" App (can be found on your phone's home screen).
  3. Press "Continue" , then "Permanent Unlock".
  4. The device will show "Unlock Failed", followed by the following error message. Please check the exact message:
    • If you receive “Not Eligible for Unlock”, proceed by selecting your phone model (we can unlock your phone).
    • If you receive “Communication Error” or “Server not responding”, DO NOT submit your order, as it is not supported for unlocking.


NO REFUNDS will be provided for any orders submitted with the incorrect error message. Please Contact us if you receive any other error message.


T-Mobile Device Unlock App unlock instructions

Once you have received the "unlocked" message, please follow the following instructions carefully.

  1. Please make sure the phone is connected to the Internet with either mobile data or WI-FI.
  2. Please update your "Device Unlock" App.
  3. Open the "Device Unlock" App and click on "Permanent Unlock" to unlock your phone!
  4. Your Device is now Unlocked! Simply try a compatible GSM sim card into the device to start using a new carrier!

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