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Unlock T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+


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How to Unlock T-Mobile "Device Unlock" App for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

Recently, T-Mobile has introduced a new method of Unlocking their devices. In order to use other networks, a device must be unlocked using the new T-Mobile App called "Device Unlock". Compared to previous methods of unlocking the phone with a code, the device is activated as “eligible” on their system. Once this is complete, you can simply use the "Device Unlock" App to unlock your device! There is no need to input a code anymore!

How does the Mobile Device Unlock App work?

1. Place your order below with the correct IMEI number and select your model: T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+.
2. Please Ensure the T-Mobile Mobile Device Unlock App is installed on your device.
3. Once we email you that your device is “Unlocked” Open the app and select “Permanent Unlock”.
4. Your device’s IMEI number is now registered as “Eligible” to be Unlocked in T-mobile System.
5. Your device will reboot and you can use your T-Mobile device on other Carriers.

100% Guaranteed!

T-Mobile Device Unlock App unlock instructions

Once you have received the "unlocked" message, please follow the following instructions carefully.

  1. Please make sure the phone is connected to the Internet with either mobile data or WI-FI.
  2. Please update your "Device Unlock" App.
  3. Open the "Device Unlock" App and click on "Permanent Unlock" to unlock your phone!
  4. Your Device is now Unlocked! Simply try a compatible GSM sim card into the device to start using a new carrier!

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