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Samsung Galaxy Note: 7 Is The New 6

We’re back with some shocking updates on the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. Instead of going by the traditional name, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may be the successor to the previous year’s Note 5 instead of the expected 6. The sudden name change will hopefully prove beneficial to Samsung in terms of sales. Their other flagship series, the Galaxy S phones, are now up to their 7th generation while the Note phones are still on their 6th. While each flagship released in the same year will generally have hardware that will perform equally as well, the company has worries that customers would believe one as newer than the other. For example, with the recent release of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge phones, Samsung doesn’t want customers to think that the Note 6 is a year behind. Their solution is to skip the number 6 and jump right to 7. By the end of 2016, both of Samsung’s flagship series would be as up to date as possible--in terms of both hardware and names. I’m also sure that Samsung will have a field day next year when Apple releases the iPhone 7 and they release the Note 8. One number higher than Apple could indicate to people that their phone is one year newer--and therefore better--than the iPhone. We’re still expecting the aluminum body, the microSD card slot, and a significantly bigger battery. We’re also still hopeful for water and dust resistance. There’s also been some rumours of Samsung combining the next Note Edge with the Note 7. With the trends we’ve seen from the company for releasing at least two or three versions of the same flagship phone at once though, it’s more likely that we’ll see a Note 7 and a Note 7 Edge. Learned more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7!
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