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The Most Powerful Smartphones: S6 vs M9 vs iPhone 6

The biggest news today is that Samsung already has 2 new phones in the market! After the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, it appears that the Korean based electronics manufacturer is unleashing successors to both of these phones to take the war of flagships to a whole new level. The Galaxy Note 5 is succeeding the Note 4 while the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will succeed the Galaxy S6 Edge. Both devices where released in in mid August and have taken social media by storm! Meanwhile, which is the hottest smartphone at the moment? Of course the battle is between the Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. the Apple iPhone 6 vs. the HTC One M9. So, which one of these three stands on top as one of the most powerful smartphones?

A Complete Review

First, it is important to mention that all of the three devices are excellent smartphones with arguably the most powerful specs you can find. This reviews compares the three based on 7 key factors; design, processing power, memory, camera, display, battery life, and price. Of course, these are the primary factors consumers look for when making purchase decisions.
  • Design

The current trend is to manufacture bigger phones and all the three smartphones score quite highly in this area. All the phones boast large HD screens and top-of-the-line design. It terms of height, the HTC One m9 is the tallest of them all at 144.6mm. Next up is the Galaxy S6 at 143mm, with iPhone 6 coming third at 138mm. In terms of weight, the iPhone 6 is the lightest at just 129g followed by the Galaxy S6 at 138g. The m9 is the heaviest of the three at 157g. All the three phones feature impressively sleek designs though it’s worth mentioning that the Galaxy S6 is curved. If you’re looking for color, there is a bit of variation. The HTC has chosen very bold colors; Gray, Gold, Silver/Rose gold, and Pink. Samsung retains its White, Black, Gold, and Blue colors while the iPhone 6 has Space Gray, Gold, and Silver.
  • Processing power

Again, all the three phones are very powerful. The Galaxy S6 is based around its own proprietary Exynos technology and features an octa-core processor with four processors running at 1.5GHz and the other four running at 1.2GHz. The HTC m9 has followed the same trend except that it is driven by a Qualcomm, Inc (NASDAQ:QCOM) Snapdragon 810 processor. And, just like the Galaxy S6, the HTC m9 has split its processors into two sets with the first set of four processors running at 2GHz and the other set of four processors running at 1.5GHz. Apple iPhone 6 runs on a 1.4GHz dual-core A8 Cyclone processor. However, it has a separate PowerVR GX6450 quad-core GPU that drives all graphic applications.
  • Memory and storage

Just like with previous releases of Samsung Galaxy phones, the manufacture has not provided a memory card slot on its latest device. Currently, you can only choose either a 32GB or 64GB Galaxy S6 and that’s it. Meanwhile, both HTC One m9 and Apple iPhone 6 provide up to 128GB internal storage. With regards to RAM, iPhone 6 has just 1GB of RAM while both Galaxy S6 and HTC One m9 have 3GB RAMs. Apparently, iPhone believes that a combination of an efficient iOS operating system and Apple-designed hardware should be enough to ensure that the iPhone 6 does not underperform in terms of speed. Nevertheless, it is rumored that Apple will consider increasing memory in future devices starting with the upcoming iPhone 7 which is expected to feature 2GB of RAM.
  • Camera

There are major differences among the three smartphones when it comes to camera capabilities. Starting with the Galaxy S6, the smartphone chose not to upgrade the camera pixel density on the Galaxy S6 phone which means that it has the same 16 megapixels just like its predecessor, the Galaxy S5. However, the Korean manufacture has confirmed that the Galaxy S6 camera performs much better in low-light scenarios. The Taiwanese phone manufacture, HTC, did a commendable job giving the HTC One m9 a 20.7 megapixel camera. In fact, that’s currently the highest value among smartphones. However, there have been complaints that the 20-MP camera still performs rather poorly in low-lit scenarios. The iPhone 6 has a measly 8 megapixel camera – the lowest of the three smartphones. However, the photography quality of the iPhone 6 camera is quite high compared to the other two smartphones. There are rumors that Apple will arm the upcoming iPhone 7 with a professional standard, dual-lens camera.
  • Display

As predicted, Samsung ensured that the Galaxy S6 was a quad HD device. The super AMOLED 5.1 inch display is something Samsung users are quite thrilled about. The good news is that both the Galaxy S6 and the galaxy S6 Edge feature even improved screen resolutions of 1,440 x 2,560. The HTC One m9 has a slightly smaller display at 5.0 inches with a screen resolution of 1,080 x 1,920 though it also implements full HD view. The iPhone 6 is the “smallest” of the three smartphones with a screen resolution of just 750 x 1,334 pixels. The tablet-sized iPhone 6 Plus is considered too big.
  • Battery life

Samsung has always been the best device when it comes to battery power and the Galaxy S6 truly exhibits this. The Galaxy S6 is fitted with a 2550mAh battery while the S6 edge has a 2600mAh battery. The HTC One m9 has attempted to rival this by utilizing a larger battery that stores about 2840mAh. That manufacturer claims that this is enough to give you 25.4 hours of talk time. When the phone is on standby, you will get up to 391 hours on 3G and 402 hours on 2G. The Apple iPhone 6 has a 1810mAh battery.
  • Price

Ultimately, we all make a purchase because we can pay the price. Of the three smartphones, the Apple iPhone is the most expensive ranging from $749 to $949 depending on size and internal storage. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is available for around $649 while the HTC One m9 is available for around $599 depending on the provider.


In a nutshell, the Samsung Galaxy S6 trounces the rest in terms of both features and performance. However, the Apple iPhone 6, being a stronger brand, is the most expensive of the three. So, as a quick guide, here are the strengths and weaknesses of each of the 3 most in-demand smartphones in world; Keep these facts in mind as you shop for your next smartphone!

Samsung Galaxy S6

Pros Highest screen resolution currently available Latest Android version 16mp camera Very powerful battery Cons Non removable battery a major drawback Absence of microSD slot Absence of waterproofing

HTC One M9

Pros 20.7 MP camera Great Music and audio from the BoomSound speakers Quality build Cons Repeating the same design as the m7 is a major letdown The 1080p resolution is good but still below Samsung’s 1440p

Apple iPhone 6

Pros Light and very thin Get up to 128GB memory Fast processing Cons 8MP camera isn’t too attractive No SD card slot A bit highly priced. S6 m9 ip6 Keep these facts in mind as you shop for your next smartphone!

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